GE Renewable Energy has won a contract for 37 units of the 2.7-132 onshore wind turbines from Continuum Trinethra Renewables Pvt. Limited (an entity of Continuum Green Energy) for the 99.9 MW Rajkot wind venture in Gujarat, India. The turbines will be manufactured by GE Renewable Energy. GE and Continuum have committed to deliver turbines to Morjar, Bhuj wind facility situated in Gujarat, India, that has a potential of 148.5 megawatts. The agreement will take effect in 2021.

Continuum will be in charge of the administration of the Rajkot wind farm, which will serve local businesses and consumers with easy, affordable, and dependable electricity. A global leader in customized green energy supply solutions, Continuum has a maximum output of 1300 MW and 639 MW of installed capacity that is connected with close to 130 clients across India.

As Deepak Maloo, who works as the Regional Sales Leader for the Onshore Wind International of GE Renewable Energy in the region of Asia Pacific explained, “We are pleased to build on our relationship with Continuum by contributing to India’s renewable energy objectives.  We are grateful for Continuum’s trust in us, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership as they expand their renewable energy portfolio. When GE Renewable Energy secured over 1.2GW of orders in India, it became the nation’s largest wind turbine OEM (original equipment manufacturer).”

In the words of Arvind Bansal, who works as the Continuum Green Energy’s CEO, “Continuum Green Energy is committed to contributing to India’s climate-friendly energy transition.  The opportunity to collaborate with GE to assist us to expedite our attempts to bring extra renewable energy to the grid is exciting. The synergies between Continuum’s research expertise and GE’s manufacturing and on-time supply capabilities will add considerable value to our projects,” said the company’s CEO.

Many clients in India have chosen GE’s 2.7-132 wind turbine because of its superior performance at low wind speeds in India, making it the industry’s best performer in this environment. Products will be designed primarily at Technology Center of GE in Bengaluru, blades will be manufactured at GE’s plants in Vadodara, as well as assembly is going to occur at GE Multi-modal Manufacturing Facility situated in Pune, taking advantage of GE’s substantial local presence in India.

GE Renewable Energy is devoted to aiding clients in making a complete transition to renewable energy. Accordingly, the company is concentrating on developing and maintaining an international fleet of renewable energy resources, dropping the cost of renewable energy, guaranteeing grid resiliency and dependability, and enhancing the dispatchability of renewable power as part of its overall commitment. As part of its efforts to circular and sustainable design, the GE Renewable Energy firm also promotes the energy transition by implementing a plan based on this commitment.

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