PXiSE Energy Solutions LLC, a San Diego-based provider of software that helps utilities as well as other grid operators to deliver dependable and stable power by regulating renewables as well as distributed energy resources (DERs) within real-time, has been bought by Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Yokogawa will expand its capabilities in the control and monitoring of power generation facilities as well as aid clients in the power transmission as well as distribution sectors in meeting their clean energy targets as a result of this purchase.

PXiSE was founded in 2016 with the vision of using real-time grid data paired with artificial intelligence to assist utilities in managing the rapidly growing number of the distributed energy resources that come online each year. Since demonstrating the concept, the firm has completed over one gigawatt of works in the United States, Asia, and Oceania, assisting clients with grid management and pollution reduction.

The company was once a part of Sempra, a US-centered energy infrastructure firm, and was partially controlled by a Mitsui & Co., Ltd. affiliate.PXiSE’s Active Control Technology (ACT) is an automated grid control software platform that includes microgrid controls, hybrid power plant controls, as well as a distributed energy resource management system. It enables the integration of groups of DERs alongside traditional grid components, resulting in holistic system optimization.

It can also help utility-scale renewable energy assets improve their efficiency and output. Because of its high-speed control and measurement, the patented ACT provides more dependability than traditional power system monitoring as well as control systems, allowing for seamless energy source transitions. Cost and profit optimization are aided by the integration of the external data sets as well as predictive forecasting.

With PXiSE joining the Yokogawa Group, the company will be able to assist global power transmission and distribution customers in better managing the increasingly varied energy supply chain, maximizing deployment of the renewable energy assets, and finally delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is a worldwide electrical engineering and software firm established in Japan. Its control, measurement, and information technologies are used in a variety of industries. It employs over 19,000 people worldwide and operates in 55 countries through 84 subsidiaries and related firms. The company is a component of the Nikkei 225 stock index and is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In 1975, Yokogawa introduced the Centum series DCS, which was a forerunner in the creation of distributed control systems. Production control systems, measurement, and test instruments, oxygen analyzers, Fieldbus instruments, pressure transmitters, flow meters, Manufacturing Execution Systems, as well as Advanced Process Control are some of Yokogawa’s most well-known products.

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