The Resistance received this Monday the visit of Alejo Sauras , who went to the Movistar programto present his new play, Oedipus, through the flames . After some jokes with Grison, the actor revealed his frustrated profession toBroncano.

“I wanted to be a pilot, but I could not achieve it because I had diopters in one eye, so I ended up studying avionics and passing the Iberia competitions, ” said the guest, to the surprise of the presenter.

Sauras recalled that ” as he did not receive any job offer, I began to study interpretation and, when Iberia called me to work there, it was too late to accept his offer.”

Broncano commented that he was studying to be a pilot : “I envy you because it is a very beautiful thing. When you get to pass the theory you will do the practices, and I remember it as a wonderful experience ,” said the actor.

“The time they let you pilot it, it’s just a sensation …”, Sauras added, to which the presenter replied that “I’m getting horny to imagine it” , but the guest commented that “actually, that day you it will put like an almond, but you will enjoy it a lot ” .

Broncano assured that “that day I am going to call you on the plane’s radio and tell you: Who is the pilot now, Alejo? Where are you? On the ground!” , provoking the laughter of the guest and the applause of the public.

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