The former participant of The Island of Temptations , Fiama , maintains a relationship of courtship and rapprochement with Bárbara Rey’s daughter , Sofía Cristo , with whom she has coincided in Secret Story (Telecinco) and with whom she came to kiss, to the satisfaction of the fans of this possible and incipient couple.

Asked how things are currently, Fiama wanted to slow down that relationship, assuring that she is not in love, but is “very happy . ” “With her I have a very good vibes, so great,” she said excitedly.

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” Whatever has to happen, I’m not trying to foresee anything, I let myself go and let it flow,” he said about his future plans with Sofía Cristo.

With the DJ he has “had a great time” and claimed to have met “a part of her that he did not know she had”, so he “liked it a lot more than before”.

Of course, Fiama clarified that they have not had sexual relations at the moment: ” The only kiss we have given each other is the one you have seen,” he said.

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