The 4Geeks Academy programmers school is committed to bringing the world of programming to all audiences. The company launches more than 300 scholarships with a value of one million euros worldwide through the Marketplace Landing.Jobs, aimed at training future programmers, thus reducing the digital divide and allowing hundreds of students to start their studies to achieve quality employment and connect the best professionals with the best companies.

4Geeks Academy, the world’s largest community of programmers, is committed to education in the technology and programming sector and launches more than one million euros in scholarships to train coding professionals.

The school seeks to reactivate quality employment under the development of professionals from the world of programming in times when the sector does not stop growing . In these years in which the pandemic marks the fate of workers, the sector is unstoppable. Digitization positions professional news and changes jobs, so betting on qualified training provides value in the ICT universe.

This latest launch of scholarships is provided by Landing.Jobs, an intermediary marketplace between companies and future workers with the best qualities to work for.

4Geeks Academy scholarships are included in the programs : Full Stack Developer with which the most requested skills are learned under a practical study plan to find a job as a Jr. developer. This plan can be developed “part time” or “full time. “. (Cost without scholarship 5,500 ?? and 6,000 ?? respectively). And in the course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a more extensive program where the student will be able to explore the fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning with some of the most powerful technologies that really scale intelligence for business. This course has a cost without scholarship of 8,000 ??.

4Geeks Academy has been voted one of the 35 best bootcamps in the world and recognized as one of the top 10 in coding in the US, according to Newsweek. Also thanks to its work, 4Geeks has been recognized with the Special Award for the Best Coding Bootcamp Center at the 2021 Educational Excellence Awards in Spain.

“It is a program that prepares you to get a job. Our results show that 86% of people find a job in the first three months,” says Víctor Gómez, country manager of the 4Geeks Academy in Spain.

The scholarships awarded will have at least 30% coverage , but the majority of those that will be awarded will be 50%. In addition, 2 of them will cover 100%, 3 will cover 80% of the cost and up to 5 scholarship holders will have 65% of the amount of the course.

This incentive by this community of programmers tries to solve the lack of professional talent, training with skills for web programming and software and artificial intelligence. The reality is that programming moves the world and all companies need them, be it a restaurant, a media outlet or a bank. Learning to code is a skill for the present for successful professional development.

The awarding of these scholarships is “a milestone in the Edtech sector since people from three continents Europe, Africa and Latin America are benefiting,” explains Gómez and adds: “4Geeks Academy provides students with an opportunity to study a great career. demand at a very low cost, thanks to this scholarship program. “

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