The operational management of the fire extinguishing device that affects Sierra Bermeja since last Wednesday night has decided early this Sunday to proceed to the preventive eviction of the municipality of Jubrique and Genalguacil.

It is a new preventive evacuation due to the presence of incandescent material, the firecrackers, coming from the thick cloud of smoke that is generating the forest fire, and that generated a new fire on Saturday night and in the early hours of this Sunday as reported by Alejandro García, Infoca’s extinction director.

“The fronts have been sucked in and united (…) we are talking about an unusual power and force for the fires that we are used to seeing in our country,” said the head of Infoca . Thus, by land there are more than 365 troops and 25 heavy vehicles and by air a total of 41 aircraft. A total of 617 professionals are those who are acting this Sunday in the Sierra Bermeja fire.

As for evacuations, “it is taking place in advance due to a possible unfavorable evolution of the fire in this sector”, has communicated the Junta de Andalucía.

The first, Jubrique, which began at five in the morning, has been developed by personnel from the Civil Guard, the National Police and 061, with the support of the Civil Protection teams from Yunquera, Ronda, Algatocín, Moclinejo , Antequera, Teba and Canillas de Aceituno. Buses and three adapted vehicles with a dozen places for people with reduced mobility are participating in an “early, controlled and with maximum security measures” eviction, according to 112 in a tweet early in the morning.

The 523 people registered in this town have already been evacuated and, therefore, will be added to the 1,070 who remain outside their homes in the areas of Forest Hill and Abejeras (750 people), the scattered housing environment of Peñas Blancas in the MA-8301 road (37), Charca de la Extranjera (12), Huerta Padrón (60), Castor river (5), Charca de las Otters (5), Velerín river (65) and Los Quiñones area (40) in Estepona, as well as the Montemayo r urbanization in Benahavís (80) and the Charco Azul area (16) in Jubrique.

Also pets
The mayor of Jubrique, Alberto Jesús Benítez, has declared in statements to EFE that despite the nerves of the situation, the people have been very orderly and everyone has remained calm thanks also to the active forces. “The neighbors have also been able to take their pets,” added the councilor, who wanted to send a message to all the inhabitants since although the town is empty “it is protected” by the Infoca troops and all the personnel who are working in extinction.

As for Genalguacil, decreed shortly before ten in the morning, the Civil Guard, National Police, Autonomous Police, 061, the Provincial Firefighters Consortium, Civil Protection and the Red Cross are intervening . The 393 residents are being transferred to the municipality of Ronda. In this eviction there are also adapted buses and vehicles with more than a dozen places for people with reduced mobility.

On the other hand, the Group for Psychological Intervention in Emergencies and Disasters (GIPED) of the College of Psychologists of Eastern Andalusia has been activated .

The evacuees are being transferred to different shelter points in Algatocín, following a priority route with the control, security and surveillance of the Civil Traffic Guard, along the MA-8305 road. The operation also plans to move people to Ronda.

The municipal cooperative of Algatocín with services and an area of ​​4,000 square meters has been established as the meeting point for the affiliation of displaced people. It also has other locations such as the Youth Hall with capacity for 70 people, the Nave de los Hoyos (50), the municipal gym (20), Sports Center (20), adult school (20), home of the retired (20), young local (20) and the municipal library (30).

On the other hand, the residents of Genalguacil are being relocated to the San Francisco de Ronda Sports Pavilion.

From the Forward Command Post, the Red Cross Immediate Response Team has been requested to deploy 900 beds that will be distributed among the different shelters, the same amount of hygiene and anticovid kits , in addition to supplies for the sheltered

Evictions at night
In addition, during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday another 16 people were evacuated from the Charco Azul area, precisely in Jubrique, adding up to 1,070 evicted people, most of them from Estepona .

During the night, the fight against the flames continued with the participation of 350 professionals, 20 heavy extinguishing vehicles and three heavy machines, waiting for several dozen aerial means to be incorporated this morning (41, as in the Saturday day).

The latest estimates amount to 6,000 hectares affected and suggest that a good part of the 40-kilometer perimeter of the flames has already been considered stabilized . On Saturday night there were four areas that concern the Infoca Plan due to the activity of the fire and for this reason the work has continued this morning.

Fire since wednesday
The Sierra Bermeja fire broke out on Wednesday night with two initial outbreaks located in Jubrique and Genalguacil, but the strong wind was constantly pushing it towards Estepona, causing road cuts and the first evictions during the first morning.

With more than a thousand people evicted and the unfortunate news of the death of a firefighter from Almería who collaborated in the extinction work, this sixth-generation fire that, according to the first investigations seems to have been caused, remains uncontrolled for the moment Although the Infoca leadership speaks of progress and of “prudent and slow improvement” since Saturday, when the weather conditions gave the teams in the area some truce.

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