The cod is a fish that gives us a lot of play: fillet with garnish, in stews, flaked and omelette , scrambled … It opens up a range of possibilities with this ingredient that we take advantage of .

To achieve the result that we seek in each recipe, it is necessary to know how to give each ingredient the treatment it deserves . In the case of cod crumbs, if we don’t want to spend the rest of the day drinking water, we’d better remember to desalinate it.

The ease of consuming cod in crumbs is something that we love. Finding that salty and tasty touch in dishes where, in principle, the main ingredient is not cod is a very pleasant surprise on the palate.

How you should desalt the cod crumbs
Before consuming the cod crumbs, his thing is to desalt them to eliminate the extra salt that we do not need. If the fish is saltier than necessary, the intensity of the salt will overshadow both that of the cod and the rest of the ingredients that come into play in our recipe.

Desalting the cod crumbs is easier than we imagine. You only need water and time . Pour the flaked cod into a bowl with water and put it in the fridge for about 10 hours.

To gradually eliminate the excess salt, change the water in the container every two or three hours.

Three recipes with cod crumbs
The versatility of cod crumbs is a point in its favor in the kitchen. Easy to prepare and eat, they are a very good option for the whole family. We propose three dishes in which to squeeze the most out of the flavor of this ingredient.

Scrambled eggs with cod crumbs
To eat at home or to order snacks, scrambled eggs are always a delicious option . From scrambled eggs with ham to blood sausage or chistorra, if you are a scrambler you can’t miss trying the cod crumbs.

Some potatoes, some cod crumbs, some eggs and a little truffle to enhance the flavor to the maximum. Easy right? And delicious too.

Cod crumbs with tomato
Another classic. Tomato and fish are a very well matched marriage, and cod crumbs with tomato is one of the fastest and most delicious ways to prepare it.

You can also prepare this dish, instead of tomato, with a vegetable ratatouille and you will have a healthy and delicious recipe.

Cod and avocado crumbs salad
The salads accept everything. Including fish, of course. Because beyond tuna fish is also an ingredient for salads, we suggest this one based on cod and avocado crumbs.

The cod crumbs and the avocado separately are already two winning ingredients, and combined in a salad they are a real bomb. That’s why you can’t stop trying it.

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