Pre-alert for storms and hailstorms in Catalonia this Sunday night. Civil Protection warns of possible rainfall of 20 liters per square meter in just half an hour.

Civil Protection maintains the pre-alert of the Inuncat plan for rains, possible storms and hailstorms for the remainder of this Sunday . The Generalitat agency has reported that accumulations of more than 20 liters per square meter can be overcome in just 30 minutes.

The greatest intensity of rainfall is expected at night, in an episode that can last until midnight. In the previous rainy season, registered at the beginning of this weekend, the showers and storms registered in the late night of Friday and until dawn left up to 68 liters per square meter in Sabadell , 66.3 in some towns of Osona and65.7 in Alt Urgell , according to Meteocat.

The storms affected various municipalities in the pre-Pyrenees, the center of Catalonia and the pre-coastal region, where at various points more than fifty liters per square meter fell. As of Friday night, the emergency phone received a total of 147 calls related to the heavy rains .

Most of these calls (53) came from the Vallès Occidental, and of these, 37 from Sabadell, while another 36 were from Baix Penedès, the majority (32) from the municipality of El Vendrell. The Bombers of the Generalitat, meanwhile, received a hundred warnings because of the rain.

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