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The minister of the STF Supreme Federal Court Alexandre said during an online event of the CNJ National Council of Justice this Tuesday 23 that social media should be classified as media companies For him social media platforms can no longer be considered legally as technology companies.

They are media companies They make more money than all the television and radio companies put together But by hiding as technology companies they have no responsibility for anything he said.

CPI Covid commission wants to hear Aras on progress of investigations.

The minister recalled that internet search tools monetize content whatever it may be They social media platforms dont need to amazingly they dont even need to control the pedophilia they advertise.

Oh because we just have the platform put whatever you want monetizes with it he said So at the very least they are mixed companies and they should be held responsible as media companies I insist again freedom with responsibility he concluded

The minister is the rapporteur of the Fake News Inquiry inquiry 4781 opened by the STF to investigate false news threats and infractions that may constitute libel defamation and insult against the members of the Supreme Court and their families

Alexandre de Moraes statement was made during the III Virtual Meeting on Freedom of Expression promoted by the CNJ The meeting discusses the theme disinformation as a threat to human rights and democracy and aimed to promote reflections and studies by specialists on the subject as well as listen.

To the considerations of artists parliamentarians and other representatives of society The event was mediated by the singer Daniela Mercury and by Claudia Costin a member of the Human Rights Observatory.

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