Visa, the world’s leading digital payments company, has announced the launch in Spain of The Second Half, a plan launched in collaboration with LaLiga. The Second Half, created by Visa, is a professional development program that aims to help female athletes in their professional careers once they retire from soccer. Spain is the second country in Europe to have this initiative, which Visa already launched at the beginning of the year in the United Kingdom for both active and retired professional footballers.

Through The Second Half, Visa and LaLiga plan to help female players apply the skills and knowledge acquired as footballers during their active time on the pitch to other professional areas. This will materialize through training, in collaboration with LaLiga’s Education Department – LaLiga Business School- in areas such as financial education, career planning, personal branding, communication or leadership, among others. The first edition will start in October and the registration process begins this same month of September.

This project is part of a broad Visa support plan to sponsor UEFA women’s football that began in 2018. This sponsorship is designed to advocate for diversity and inclusion, as well as to continue contributing to the growth of this women’s sport .

Beatrice Larregle, Regional Managing Director of Visa in Southern Europe, has gender and empower women. We also see a strong correlation between success in sports and in business. That’s why at Visa we want to continue offering these players the access and tools they need to complete their professional transition once they hang up their boots. We are proud to see how women’s football in Spain has grown in both professionalization and popularity in recent years. In this regard, we are also delighted to work so closely with LaLiga in the development and implementation of this program.

Óscar Mayo, executive general director of LaLiga, has also pointed out: “this agreement is one more demonstration that LaLiga is committed to highlighting the importance of the role of women in the sports industry in general and soccer in particular. With the creation From our educational department, LaLiga Business School, we strengthen our commitment to training, which is the basis for generating good results in the future, generating prepared managers. For this reason, LaLiga is proud to be part of Visa’s The Second Half project that it combines both women’s football and training “.

For her part, Anaïr Lomba, LaLiga Ambassador and RCD Espanyol player, wanted to highlight the importance of these programs “especially at a time when women’s football is increasingly professionalized. It is essential that the players know that we can focus on our sports career but without giving up training for the future. The Second Half, the program launched by Visa in collaboration with LaLiga, allows us footballers to have the necessary training to continue being linked to the world of football in a professional way. ”

Visa’s support for female footballers, from the pitch to the boardroom
Spain joins the United Kingdom as one of the first countries to launch this plan in Europe. Kim Little, Team Visa ambassador and program participant, said: “I am very grateful to have been part of the Second Half team. It has provided me with experiences and opportunities that I know will help me once I hang up my boots. that The Second Half will train other footballers like me and provide them with the necessary guidance to take advantage of the skills they have acquired throughout their careers. ”

The Second Half lands in Spain at a key moment for women’s football, with greater professionalization, visibility both in the media and among the general population and greater support from brands such as Visa. In addition to creating The Second Half and its sponsorship of women’s soccer, Visa is also showing its support for this expanding sport with an initiative that highlights the profile of female soccer players as role models. An example of this is Team Visa, made up of 15 European female soccer players, who wants to promote women’s football and inspire the next generation of female players.

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