To support the future fight, the Marine Corps Systems Command is obtaining novel command and control capabilities that boost combat mobility and communication. Networking On-the-Move is a critical skill for the Marine Corps in achieving this goal. NOTM is a mobile satellite communication device that enables Marines to link to the networks and communicate while on the battlefield. It was first deployed in 2013. The capacity allows for command – and – control flexibility in a variety of locations all around the world.

“NOTM is similar to your cellphone when you’re going around in your car,” explained Lt. Col. Austin Bonner, MCSC’s Command and Control Systems program manager. “While you’re on the go, it gives you access to the internet—the applications and services you want to utilize.” NOTM can be used by Marines to send crucial information to commanders and improve situational awareness in difficult circumstances. Marine officers can command their units and provide support to warfighters from anywhere on the planet thanks to mobile technology. NOTM Ground Combat Vehicle, as well as NOTM Airborne, are two variations of the capability.

The ground version can be integrated into systems like the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and Utility Task Vehicle. In the future, the Marine Corps aims to integrate NOTM-GCV into the Amphibious Combat Vehicle as well as the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle. Marines can utilize the air variant aboard planes like the MV-22 and the KC-130. They can use NOTM Air to send important information to a command center even while en route to a specific location.


Meeting Force Design 2030


At Marine Corps Base Hawaii in August 2021, the 3rd Marine Regiment as well as Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 268 evaluated NOTM Air on an MV-22 Osprey to become familiar with the technology. To demonstrate the satellite system’s mobility and transportability, Marines mounted it on a model Utility Task Vehicle and moved it onto an aircraft. This was the very first time that these organizations had used NOTM aboard a plane. “Networking On-the-Move is a fantastic capability that allows airborne access to the information that would otherwise be unavailable,” stated Maj. Christopher Montgomery, VMM-268’s aircraft maintenance officer.

Marines used radios to communicate when immobile prior to this capability. According to Bonner, they would frequently sit still for long periods of time to gather necessary data to visualize the present operational environment. NOTM allows them to move around in ways they couldn’t before. During Island Marauder 21, 1st Lt. Philippe Bergeron of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines put NOTM to the test. He praised the technology for its ability to connect commander to the internet.

“NOTM delivers services to a commander while he is on the go, ensuring that there is no communication gap,” Bergeron explained. “A commander’s capacity to receive information or track subordinate units is enhanced by this method.” NOTM is a crucial capacity in accomplishing future service-wide goals, according to Commandant of Marine Corps General David Berger’s Force Design 2030. The acquisition of next-generation capabilities to support the idea of Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations is a vital aim for the Marine Corps.

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