Surrealism that was experienced in the stands of the Zandvoort circuit during the celebration of the Dutch GP . First during the race, seeing the seats overflowing with images that remind us of a past that is not so distant, and later, when an English fan who had lived this party learned the story. This 54-year-old man was arrested hours later after being mistaken, nothing more and nothing less, than one of the most important bosses of the Sicilian mafia.

Hamilton and Verstappen crash at the Italian GP
This was the accident of Hamilton and Verstappen that left them out of the Italian GP with a penalty for the Red Bull
‘ Mark L ‘, as the protagonist of this surprising story has been named, traveled from Liverpool to witness the race with his son and a friend. After the GP, the three were eating in The Hague when the local police stormed the place and took the individual blindfolded , having been mistaken for Matteo Messina Denaro .

This Sicilian mafia boss is Cosa Nostra’s ‘Capo di tutti capi’ and considered the most powerful in all of Europe . Messina has been in search and capture since 1993, when he staged a bomb attack in which ten people, including two Italian judges, were killed and up to 93 were injured. Since then, he has received a life sentence .

Fortunately, Mark L’s hard time did not last much longer and he was released without charge , according to the Dutch prosecutor’s office. “He declared to be an English citizen and not the person claimed by Italy. The result of the investigation, which was carried out through an expedited process, ended up being negative. The prosecutor immediately issued a release order in the early afternoon “, a spokesperson explained.

For his part, Mark L’s lawyer, Leon van Kleef, explained the “ridiculous” situation that his client had to experience. “It’s like a bad movie, a nightmare in which my client has been involved. Imagine, one moment you are eating and the next you are sitting in a Dutch maximum security prison, ” he explained.

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