Around the break , Middleton came out toned forward scored the Bucks’ first 16 points (including 3 triples) and allowed Milwaukee to put up a 4-16 run that took them away on the scoreboard, 47-63. Young couldn’t answer. The point guard missed the only triple he tried in those first 4 minutes and lost two balls.

Middleton’s display woke up his team. Holiday and Lopez took over from the forward with new triples. This time the Bucks did not repeat the errors of the first half and maintained discipline in attack which allowed them to take off on the scoreboard. Only Cam Reddish.

Off the bench, could keep up the pressure and scored 12 points in the third period as a result of 4 of the 5 triples he tried. The third quarter ended at 72-91, 19 points, the maximum advantage of the 36 minutes played up to that point.

In the fourth quarter, the Hawks found relief in triples from Danilo Gallinari, Kevin Huerter and Reddish. With 5 minutes to go, Atlanta’s men cut the distance to 10 points, 97-107.

The Bucks were beginning to feel the pressure from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta but the Hawks were running out of time. With two minutes to go, the difference was 8 points, 103-111.

But that was the maximum the Hawks could achieve. With 40 seconds remaining and with 107-118 on the scoreboard, McMillan threw in the towel and took the headlines off the track.

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