The announcement, not expected, stops being shocking. Marc Gasol lives his last hours in the NBA. The transfer from the Lakers to the Grizzlies shows the end of a stage for the 36-year-old Catalan center in the US League after 13 seasons. Only an unexpected twist in the script will prevent him, since the Gasol middleweight negotiates in Memphis the termination of his contract, which will leave him free to define his future. The question is whether it will be to make one last attempt in the NBA, return to Spain or to retire permanently, something that has not yet been clarified.

The arrival of Marc Gasol did not finish working for the Lakers and the confirmation of the signing of DeAndre Jordan has only precipitated the movement of chips this preseason. The possibility that he will continue in the NBA, although minimal, cannot be ruled out with several teams shuffling the experience and size of a player like Marc to take the last step of the title assault.

One more year?
That is the case of the Golden State Warriors , who value him as a player with great game vision, capable of generating from the center position, who would complement well with Draymond Green , and who would be a perfect reference for the young James Wiseman , the 2020 No. 2 draft pick , who has been haunted by injuries in his freshman year. The Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers would also consider their incorporation as a more than interesting effort in their assault on the ring.

The club is an option that can not be entirely ruled out . The economic situation of the club, at the moment, does not invite optimism and the negotiation of the board with Nikola Mirotic to reduce his file is the most evident proof. But the presence of Juan Carlos Navarro, Marc’s close friend , at the head of the Barça section is the best asset for the alternative to be considered. At the end of last season, Navarro already made it clear that he would try to get Marc to arrive and that possibility remains open to this day.

Girona, in its heart
Marc has already commented on several occasions his desire to close his career in Girona, a city ​​with which he has a very special relationship. It was there that he managed to establish himself as a player, between 2006 and 2008 in the ranks of Akasvayu , before going to the United States. In 2014, the pivot founded El Club Escola de Bàsquet Marc Gasol , a project that has been developed year after year and that now has his senior team in the LEB gold.

After two very demanding years, in which sports have been very demanding, the last option for Marc is to retire to settle permanently in Spain with his family, his wife Cristina, and their two children, Júlia and Luca.

Nothing remains for him to demonstrate on a field, with two World Cups, two Olympic silver and two Europeans with the national team. And equally important achievements in the NBA with a ring in 2019 with the Toronto Raptors , three appearances in the All-Star, twice All NBA and once on the defensive team.

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